Kevin Toft, Director

Kevin Toft is founder and director of South Street Salsa. He began his dance career in salsa, taking classes first in Princeton, New Jersey under Henri Velandia. He quickly began performing and teaching classes while developing himself into a superior instructor and performer. Over time he began training in ballet, modern and brazilian zouk while he intensified his salsa training under world champion Eli Torres. The motivation to begin teaching in Monmouth County stemmed from a desire to bring the local community, and people in general, closer together. “In my classes, I see people overcoming obstacles and building confidence in themselves. Doing that in a group builds great friendships and I want to provide that for people.”

Among his students Kevin is known for his ability to make learning quick and easy while controlling classes of any size or experience level. You will feel the difference when you are taught by someone who inspires you with their dancing and can teach you his techniques with ease.

“My job isn’t just teaching salsa. Yes, I will make you a great dancer if you make the commitment and come to class, but for me teaching is more than that. I’m helping you realize that when you move to the music you’re an artist creating something. I could teach you to dance like me but I’m more interested in seeing the artist you become.”


Private Instruction

Group Instruction