The Goal of South Street

Dancing salsa in New Jersey throughout high school and college I witnessed the transformations that took place in myself and the people around. I saw how the dance classes I attended were an environment of growth and development on a personal, physical and emotional level. The magic of that environment is what South Street is all about. Our mission is to create an environment of growth and development where we hope to inspire every student to be the best they can be in dance and otherwise.

The History of South Street

South Street Salsa was founded in 2009 on South Street in Freehold, New Jersey with the goal of creating unity through dance. South Street’s founder, Kevin Toft, trained at HotSalsaHot in Princeton, NJ with World Salsa Champion Henri Velandia and also in Philadelphia with World Salsa Champion Eli Torres. It was here that he found dance as a form of self expression and discovered his talent for teaching. As a dance instructor since 2009, Kevin teaches so that his students may have access to that outlet of expression. His dance style has elements of Ballet and Ballroom technique with Afro-Cuban and Brazilian body movement.