Salsa Levels

Beginner/Level 1

Welcome to salsa dancing! This class is perfect for those who have never taken LA or NY style salsa classes before or for those who are working their way up to the advanced beginner level. In this class you will be introduced to the fundamentals of salsa dancing and rhythm while mastering the beginner syllabus. These moves are crucial to advancing to the more challenging advanced beginner level.


Advanced Beginner Level 2&3

Welcome to Advanced Beginner! By now you have a firm grip of salsa timing, basic footwork and partnerwork and are ready for more. In this class there will be more emphasis on leading and following and the instructor will break down how to use weight distribution and connection to work with your partners body. A whole new syllabus will be added to your repertoire including new footwork, partnerwork and styling for both men and women. This is where you’ll really start adding polish to your dancing.


Intermediate Level 4&5

Welcome to Intermediate! By now you are very comfortable leading or following and you are ready for more challenging moves and faster music. In this class Kevin will teach you some of his favorite combinations, bringing your dancing to a higher level. Styling will become an integral part of your dancing as you realize how useful many of the movements are. You will also be introduced to musicality and improvisation which lie at the core of salsa dancing.


Advanced Level 6

At the advanced level you’ll be learning choreography grade combinations. All that you’ve learned in the previous levels will be utilized in this class.