“Kevin is a talented, enthusiastic salsa/latin dance instructor. He is a skilled professional dancer, that brings in a little street touch to the dance floor, which makes him unique.  I have studied with him for about a year now and I have continued to learn, improve, be inspired and encouraged by his patience and expertise. More than just learning patterns he also focuses on technique right from the start so you learn properly from day one. Not every dance instructor and student have the connection that allows one to learn. Kevin makes that easy, and encouraging.  His lessons are a welcome, fun break during the midst of this otherwise crazy world.  I highly recommend joining him in one of his classes or events.” -June


“Kevin Toft is not only an extremely talented dancer, he is a fantastic teacher. Anyone who’s taking a class on Salsa knows how difficult it can be to nail down a move perfectly; whether it’s beginning steps or advanced movement, Kevin can teach anyone how to get it down right! More importantly, Kevin’s professional leadership and patience during his instruction makes the learning experience that much better. Go see him dance–he’s amazing! And when you need lessons, he’s the one to call if you want the best!”-Georganne


“Kevin Toft is one of the finest instructors I have met. A consumate professional, he teaches slasa with clear instruction on lead and follow. His classes are aways fun and challanging. I have seen him take a novice and in no time have him up and dancing. I will continue to refer him to anyone wanting to learn salsa dancing.”-Joe B


“Kevin is a caring and skilled instructor. He always makes everyone feel welcome and explains and demonstrates steps in a clear and precise manner. He is always happy to go over moves as many times as you ask him too. I really enjoy his class and never feel pressured.”-Lydia


“Excellent teacher, obviously well trained himself. I started dancing salsa fairly quickly and am more comfortable dancing in general now as well.”-Dave


“Phenomenal teaching skills and overall knowledge of various dancing routines. I would encourage anyone who wants to learn to dance the right way, from beginning to end, sign up with Kevin Toft.”-Thomas


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